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Classified Name:MILD AUTISM childrens School in India
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Classified Name:MILD AUTISM childrens School in India
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MILD AUTISM childrens School in India
Posted on: 10-Aug-2013
Ad ID: 288729
Location: , Coimbatore
ARE YOUR CHILDREN IDENTIFIED HAVING ADHD OR MILD AUTISM FEATURES???   AS A PARENT - YOU ARE UPSET, WORRIED AND DEPRESSED ???   COME TO A SOLUTION THROUGH A RESIDENTIAL REGULAR SCHOOLING SYSTEM . Once it is being Identified by the Psychologists , the Child possess ADHD Symptoms - as the Parents - Our hopes are lost .  We can see , plenty of Mothers and fathers with Sad faces , depressed Mindsets and always filled with the thoughts roaming about the FUTURE OF THEIR LOVING WARDS.  There will be so many questions aside - How i am going to give him/her  a best future ?   How I am going  to solve this UNKNOWN - NO SOLUTION ISSUE ?  If I am taking the child for therapies and spending lots and lots of time , Money and efforts and years after and after why my child is not showing remarkable changes???  Why he/she does not concentrate on studies etc., etc,  If you would like to SECURE A SPECIAL SCHOOL TO SORT OUT THIS ISSUE,  in future, there are possibilities that the Children would get branded AS SPECIAL CHILDREN BY THE PUBLIC.Wherein Hyper active and Autism are different though sometimes carrying the properties are each other .  To ensure, the Children who are being identified as Hyper active are not getting addressed as special and in future - they should lead a Superb life and livings by eradicating the Uncontrolled emotions which they carry and due to which they could not concentrate properly in Studies , we started a separate ward in our Regular Matriculation  Board school.Due to which , once the children have become normal in all their routines, they would be admitted into the regular schooling.  By the way, though you take the Child to Clinical Psychologists and Neuropsychologists , it would take a very long time for the Children to reach to at least 50% of Development ( sometimes even 7-8 years ) and after that again they would not turn normal and again we don't know how things will help them in future or whether they would stand exclusively in their life to meet out the competitive world which is lying in front.Due to all this , We started in our Regular Matriculation School , some Special arrangements for ADHD kids and we offer very exclusive, highly effective Indian Traditional Therapies for Example Hypnotherapy,   Reflexology, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki, Energy Channelizing Akarshana Therapy, Deep inner silence provoking Therapy,   Specially Designed Meditation Programmes, some Superb Sports Therapies etc., So the Children who carry ADHD symptoms are showing remarkable improvements in mostly an year.  If they carry mild symptoms , the Children turns almost perfect in an year two.  There are MIRACLE PROVEN RESULTS.  Alongside Occupational therapies and speech therapies , study programs are also available.We focus on One Point altogether - ALL CHILDREN SHOULD BE SUCCESSFUL - ALL CHILDREN SHOULD REACH THE HIGHEST POTENTIAL OF THEIR LIFE.   Especially Hyper Active Children are very talented but the problem is their energy levels are not focussed and this is a Serious Factor to be Addressed and if we ignore to take steps immediately, the FUTURE OF THE CHILDREN WOULD BE A QUESTION MARK AND AS A SCHOOL WHICH BOTHERS ABOUT SCULPTING THE BEST - ALTOGETHER ADDRESSING EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM , We never want any Children to be left in an UNGUIDED PATH OF IGNORANCE.  That is the only reason , we are putting such greatest efforts in Helping the ADHD Children ( Mild Autism also could be cured ) and OUR RESULTS AND EFFORTS ARE LONG LASTING.CALL US FOR HELP / GUIDANCES / ASSISTANCE / ADMISSIONS .Ms. Vandhana, Ms. Malathi , Ms. Mini Counseling Psychologist, social activist , senior co-ordinatorMob:  0091-97866-91903 / 99656-16661 /98422-33110
Contact : uma mageshwari
Address: coimbatore,tamil nadu,india, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
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Address: Sakthi Nagar, Press Colony, Coimbatore - 641 019, Tamil Nadu
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